Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The time has come! Or is coming, anyway...

It's almost trigger time....wooooohooooo!!!!

E2 up to 4849, which is a full 1500 more than this day last cycle. Hells to the yeah baby, I think we've finally found something that actually works for me. No suppression and my body starts to respond.

And what's crazier? My LH is 11 today. 11! Naturally! This may not seem like a big deal but to me it's INSANE! My LH has never gone above 4 without a trigger shot, so it's great to see that finally this bod has figured things out a bit more. I assume that the LH in the Bravelle has something to do with it but who cares! I'll take it, any way it comes.

So. More stims tonight. Same dosage, 300 Gonal F (so thanks again Kate - first T&F's Gonal saved me a fortune, now yours since we're stimming for much longer than even I thought possible!) and 150 Bravelle. Then I'm to trigger tomorrow morning while at the clinic, waiting for hubs to do his thing. Then we'll do the IUI tomorrow and Thursday which is great, 'cause those are Hubs' two days off this week. Much better than him having to race in and out, just to show up for work late and be stressed the whole time. Relief.

Only wrinkle is that I'm going to see Miss Saigon tonight. Yes, I realize that's a strange wrinkle, but I'm going to be in a theatre downtown tonight. Right at the very time that I'm supposed to take my drugs. And guess where my drugs are?

Yep, 60kms away, in my fridge.


Once I realized this I called the nurse back right away. She isn't overly concerned - it'll likely only be two hours later than usual and since everything is nicely on track it shouldn't really harm anything. Phew! Otherwise can you imagine? Hubs was going to have to pick them up at home once he finished his 12 hour day at 8pm, then drive them downtown for me and I'd have to run out of the show to get them. How messed up would that have been?

Fortunately it's all moot now, and I'll just shoot up when I get home. As the nurse said, 'just don't stand around and chat when it's over and you should be okay.' Hehe. Got it.

So we're in the home stretch. Now I can just relax a bit, enjoy my yummy dinner out with friends, a musical I've been waiting decades to see, and know that it's all over but the inseminating.

Let's just hope this is finally it!


Ami said...

Ohmigod! It's finally here! If you read your last few posts in order, it's been building and building and building! So exciting!

Michelle said...

Been waiting for your update...this is such fantastic news! I'm keeping everything crossed for you!!!! Have a great time tonight!

Sarah on July 13, 2010 at 11:38 AM said...

OMG why do I have tears in my eyes already??
I swear I have insanely good feelings about all of this.

Have a great time tonight at the show!!!

JennD said...

Is this your 13th day of stims? If so, YAY! Slow and steady, Shannon! Enjoy the show tonight. Hugs, Jenn

Anonymous said...

What an awesome update! Enjoy Miss Saigon - I saw it and it's fantastic.


Anonymous said...

OMG shannon, I love your E2 and LH numbers!!! Fantastic!!!! It's going to be the longest 2WW of my life! lol!

Anonymous said...

Yeah!! Awesome news, I'll be awaiting your update tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Another Woot!! Crossing everything for you!


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