Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One down...

...60 million on the go!

So yes, IUI number one is officially on the books. E2 was a lovely 5663 and my LH was 14. Can you believe that? And this was all pre-trigger, not that it impacts LH, but still. I was a happy girl this morning. Looking forward to seeing what tomorrow's numbers are, just for fun.

Had a great night out last night with the gals. It was wonderful as always to see Janny and meet her hubby and we had a great meal at Big Daddy's. Then it was off to see Miss Saigon, the one show left on my Broadway bucket list. It meant a late night and some scrambling to get my drugs in once I got home at 11:20, but it all worked out.

Of course as tired as I was I couldn't sleep, and we had to get up at 5am in an effort to beat the traffic in.


So yeah, I'm really quite tired today.

I had my u/s and blood work, Hubs did his thing, I took my trigger shot at the clinic, and then we had a quick breakfast together before he dropped me off at work. Four short hours I was back at the clinic, bladder bursting, waiting for it all to go down.

Oy my bladder. I love that they do ultrasound guided IUI's - 'tis very cool to see the rush of white across the ultrasound screen as they're all let go. I exclaimed 'release the hounds!' as they streamed towards the left. And yes, the catheter was pointed exclusively to the left as nothing ever developed on the right. And then it was over.

Dr. H and I chatted a bit and we're both very happy with how the cycle has gone over all. We got the results we were hoping for, and he's expecting 7 mature eggs from this cycle - exactly what I got from my last IVF.

He now suspects very strongly that I also have endometriosis to contend with because there's no real reason for my right, my dominant ovary, to not respond. He thinks the blood supply is choked off by endo. He also thinks it might be the reason my left ovary is so high - scar tissue pushing it up out of the way. So there's obviously much more to my issues than just the PCOS thing. But here's hoping that's all moot in a few weeks.

So there we go! One more meeting from 3-4 to get through, then I get to go home and rest. Back for IUI number two tomorrow - another 5am morning for blood work and ultrasound and sample giving. Hubs is going to hang around downtown for those few hours while I go to a team meeting at work, then pick me up for 11. We'll make our way to the clinic so he can actually be with me for at least one actual insemination, then we'll head home together and I'll take that afternoon and Friday off to just relax, sleep, and hopefully create a comfy place for a guest or two.


Anonymous said...

I'm sending you every positive thought in the world that this works! How did you like Miss Saigon?


Anonymous said...

Gah! Sounds promising :) As per usual, everything crossable is crossed. Dave's crossables as well. I hope this is it!

Jess (and Dave)

Anonymous said...

wow, ultrasound guided IUI! Fancy!! Shannon, I am so excited for you!!!

I'm stunned to hear about the possible endo. I do hope it's nothing you'll have to deal with.

Kate on July 14, 2010 at 3:53 PM said...

Fantastic news. Hope you have just the right amount of success with this cycle - that's a lot of mature eggs in there!

Sarah on July 15, 2010 at 5:43 PM said...

I second Jess' comments!
Sounds very promising!!! Everyone in this house is crossing everything they can for you guys!!!

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