Sunday, July 11, 2010

Communications fail

Not really much to say - I have no new information since Friday.


So yeah, not all that unexpected for yesterday...I had the day off from the clinic and got to sleep in. Twas fabulous. Then I drove into Toronto to pick up Kate's extra Gonal F - total lifesaver - then had a wonderful night in with the girls. We all cleared out around 11 which was good, 'cause I had to be up at 6am to head to the clinic. Goodie.

Down I went - no traffic, which I adored. Got free parking on the street in front, life was good. Ultrasound was mega painful - when everything's all in one ovary, by this time in the cycle that ovary gets quite tender. Yeesh!

Long story short, I ended up speaking with a doctor that was there for the day and she apparently told the nurse that I didn't need a call today - so I didn't get one. Ooooooh boy. Not cool.

I had practically strapped my cell phone to my hand waiting for that call and when 4pm rolled around, I pretty much broke down. No one answers the phone there, of course, so I emailed Dr. H. He thankfully got back to me relatively quickly and explained the mix up, but of course didn't have any numbers. So now I go back in tomorrow and cross my fingers for a nice big jump.

What a pain in the arse. At least the rest of the regular gang are in tomorrow!

Hopefully I'll be back shortly with much more info!


janice said...

wth?? since when do you not get a call from hfc? grr for you!

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