Monday, July 12, 2010

My first 'woot' this cycle

Things appear to be looking up a bit.

So, yesterday's E2 numbers were 2203. A 1,000 jump from Friday to Sunday. Not stellar, but at least progress in the right direction.

And then, magically, today things got even better. An overnight jump of over 1,100 - we're at 3,319 today. Oh yeah. Sweet relief.

What makes me feel even better is that this is officially a higher number than the similar day of our last IVF cycle - and that number was in service of a much greater quantity of follicles (17 then versus 9 now). Which leads me to believe that these eggs will be of better quality, thus leading to increased chances for success.

So yeah. Today I woot.

My LH has creeped up to 6. Har. A huge whopping 6. That's the highest I've ever seen it go naturally. I set a new record today! But we're holding on, keeping orgalutran out of the picture, and stimming for another night, all of us confident in the fact that I'm not going to spontaneously ovulate without the suppression. Besides, I'm pretty sure this is the one thing that's keeping my estrogen climbing, not throwing in a suppressant, so I'm all for it.

Dr. H did mention that my lead follicle will likely start breaking down because it's just too big now, and that's okay - there are still lots to work with. That might cause my E2 to dip a bit, so he warned me in advance that's what might happen and that I shouldn't freak out. ;) So I guess we shall see!

Trigger will either be tomorrow night or Wednesday I'd think, but he's not making any promises - this really is a day by day situation now. And I'm okay with that.

He also asked for information on how things went off the rails yesterday because he wants to give the doctor some feedback. Good. That was not cool!

As a total aside, the ultrasounds are getting quite uncomfortable these days, I must say. My left ovary is high so they really have to poke and press - good times. But what I can't stand, what makes it worse than it really needs to be, is when somehow one solitary hair gets pulled the wrong way and is dragged along with the probe, tugging on some seriously sensitive skin. And instead of just breaking off or being pulled out it hangs on for dear life to cause you extra waves of discomfort. The poor technician looks at you and asks if you're okay and you have no real choice but to tell her all is well 'cause really, how do you spit out, 'you've snagged a pube' without incident?

You don't. You just don't. So you suffer. And, as always, just wait for it all to be over.

Ah, the hidden gems of infertility. What the fertiles just don't get to experience. Their loss, really.


Anonymous said...

Shannon I'm so happy to hear that things are looking up!

Michelle said...

Really happy to hear this today! Things are looking up! I hope this will be the cycle for you!!!

Kate on July 12, 2010 at 2:26 PM said...

So glad to hear my Gonal-F might be doing the trick! I knew I stored it at the right temp for over a year for a good reason... Just couldn't bring myself to take it back to the pharmacy, knew I wouldn't be able to use it myself, and didn't think anyone would take a risk on it for an IVF cycle. So glad someone is getting good use out of it!
Hope tomorrow's results are great too. Good luck! And thanks for the gifts.

JennD said...

I'm hollering out a great big "Woot" for you right now! Can I just say that I'm cautiously thrilled about your E2? As we both know slow and steady wins the race and the slower stims like this can bring better quality. (My last cycle, although it was IVF, I stimed for 14 days, which was my longest ever.) So I'm "Wooting" for you and keeping my fingers crossed, too. Smooches and squishy hugs! xo

JennD said...

p.s OUCH on the hair! Oh the things we go through, eh?

Anonymous said...



divajen on July 13, 2010 at 10:58 AM said...

Kate, your Gonal F has helped things go gangbusters! Finally, good progress! Thanks again. :)

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