Saturday, July 3, 2010

Glass half full

So here we are, day two.


Nothing of substance happens on day two. You take your shot, and move on to day three.

Or, you remind yourself of all the things you should (or shouldn't) be doing when stimming, and mentally play games with yourself to see which rules to play by, which to bend, and which to out and out break.

Take caffeine, for example.

I'm not a huge caffeine freak, but I am very seriously impacted by it. Like, can't have caffeine after 4pm if I want to be asleep before 11pm. Like, must have first cup of coffee in the morning in order to function like something approaching a human being. Even though I generally drink one cup a day, it's an extra large, and it's entirely personality transforming.

Started stims last night, so had to make a caffeine decision this morning. Came downstairs after waking up at 10am (was up early the day before to get to the clinic so sleeping in was bliss), looked at the then-empty coffee pot, and drew my line in the sand.

I chose the uber wishy washy way out. Half of the coffee that went in the filter was leaded, the other half decaf. I sat on the fence and made a pot of half-caf coffee.

I figure at this point, why the hell not? It's not like a cup of coffee is going to prevent my ovaries from making good use of the magic drugs. So I'm saying a very meek and mild 'to hell with it!' and continuing to keep caffeine, albeit less, in my daily routine.

What I forgot all about, however, were the headaches. Not sure if it's from less caffeine or from the Gonal F, but I have a doozy that's now well over nine hours long. Which brings up debate number two - Advil or no Advil?

You don't take Advil when pregnant, this I know. Understand. Great. Now generally while cycling, many of us superstitious, extra cautious folk follow the pregnancy rules to be safe. So I figured that since I'd already pushed the proverbial envelope by half caf-ing my coffee, I'd better slow down the crazy train before bad things happened. So I took Tylenol instead.

And it did nothing.

Booooo me.

So now I sit here, head pounding. Waiting for hubs to come home from work (one more hour now) and for the dudes working on finally putting our patio into the backyard to finish up for the day (about ten minutes from now). I have pretty nails since I managed to squeak in a mani/pedi, and I'm cruising all my fave websites, trying to determine if now is a good time to list more of my wares on my Etsy site.

These are the days of our lives.

Yes my friends, this is just how boring a day two can really be.

Day three's not much more exciting, so if you're hoping for an amping up in the excitement level for tomorrow's entry I'll just burst your bubble right now. It's really better this way.

And now I'm going to do something really bad ass.

I'm going to go take an Advil.


Janny A. on July 6, 2010 at 6:09 PM said...

I do hope the Advil worked for you! Now off to google why Advil is bad when pregnant... (You're making me learn all kinds of things today!)

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