Friday, August 28, 2009

Taking my cues from the clinic

The one thing I realized today is how much from last cycle I'd totally forgotten.

Yes, it's been a year, almost to the day, since we started our last fresh cycle. And now that we're right back into the swing of things, it's all coming back to me.

All the anxiety of waiting for blood work results. All the second guessing every number that's given to you. All the fear that things aren't where they 're supposed to be, that you're steps away from being cancelled.

I think my brain shut it all out and buried it deep, deep down.

And now it's back, with a vengeance.

Since yesterday's not so stellar E2 results, I've been in quite the funk. Knowing I had to wait until at least 1pm today to know where we stood was pretty much excruciating. I bawled my face off before finally drifting off to sleep last night. Poor Hubs had no idea of what to do or say, I was that despondent.

Stoopid hormones sure as hell don't help.

So back in early this morning for more blood work and ultrasound. We've got some follicle growth, but still not at the same level as last cycle. And that E2? Only 1063. It increased, which is of course important, but last cycle at this time it was over 2300.


I mentioned this to my nurse when she called and she told me to stop comparing things to last cycle, 'cause hey - that one didn't work.

Excellent point, I suppose.

I flat out asked her if they were worried and she said no, that the E2 was increasing as were the follicles and they're growing at a consistent rate, all of which is positive. That it's still early and there's lots of time to go still. That it's quality and not quantity that counts.

Since I've been through a cancelled cycle before and KNOW what it's like for them to be worried, I think I'm finally ready to take my cues from them.

And so today, I'm trying to chill out, recover from the stress of yesterday, and just hope that tomorrow, things look infinitely better.

Can't wait to get up at 5:30 tomorrow morning! And Sunday too! Lucky, lucky me.


Spacey on August 28, 2009 at 5:55 PM said...

Please, please don't compare the E2 levels to last cycle. It will drive you crazy. The nurse definitely has an excellent point there.
Quality over quantity. So excited for you! :)

Sara on August 29, 2009 at 2:49 PM said...

I do think sometimes E2 are not as relevant to how many follicles there are, etc. They kept mine pretty low because they were worried about OHSS and I want to say my E2 at trigger was barely 2000. They ended up retrieving 14 eggs and 11 fertilized.

Kate on August 29, 2009 at 4:31 PM said...

Hugs. At some point I just decided to have faith in them too, and things worked out well for me. We'll just be hoping for enough great-quality eggs to get you your much-deserved baby!

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