Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The first stim check in

It's amazing how much you can forget in a year.


I couldn't remember for the life of me what to expect this morning. Thank goodness I kept a spreadsheet for each IVF to track progress and see what's what!

So blindly in to the clinic I trundled this morning for my day 4 check up. Blood work, ultrasound, chat with the nurse. Rinse, lather, and repeat on days 6, 8 and so on.

Blood work? Check. Too bad I have a massive bruise now in the crook of my arm. I look like a druggie. Pfft - good thing they can't see my belly. It's way worse.

Ultrasound? Check. I love my u/s technician. I usually get the same one all the time - yep, the pregnant one. But I'll forgive her - she had to go through ART to get pregnant as well, so I can deal. It was pretty quick this morning which of course scared the crap outta me. Quick means not much to measure which means not much happening which means not enough meds.

In my twisted world, anyway.

I had to laugh when she said she could do my u/s with her eyes closed, that's how well she knows my insides now. In another universe I'd think that was creepy as hell. But in the here and now, I think it's awesome.

Chat with the nurse? Denied. She wasn't there. So I got my results straight from Dr. H instead! That was certainly a nice surprise.

In a nutshell, he said that everything looked perfect for where we should be right now, nice and quiet. I instantly felt my stress over not enough to measure melt away. He said we'd need to wait for the blood work and that we hope things are moving as they should. I crossed my fingers, said thanks, and left the office.

Just got my call and the numbers seem to be good. Estrogen's at 550 so that's a start, and there's no change to my meds so they must be satisfied. I'll take my cues from them - seems logical to me. And my estrogen's a wee bit higher than it was on my last cycle day 4, so that's always good news to me.

Bottom line - slow and steady wins the race. So far, so good. And now we wait for day 6.


Janny on August 25, 2009 at 7:08 PM said...

Just sending you guys lots of hugs and good vibes! :)

Kate on August 26, 2009 at 4:28 PM said...

Hey, that E2 is higher than mine was on day4 on this good cycle, so I think you're doing well (I was 486 up from 142, with nothing measureable yet). I haven't seen Dr H since the transfer, sadly.
Did you know she's also my favourite U/S tech? I've talked to a couple other patients who like her the best of all too. I found out at my discharge u/s that she was 7 months along (I hadn't realized she was pg while going through stims), and that her other kid is 16 years old. I didn't realize they did ART too though. Maybe that's why she's so awesome? The unknown tech didn't let DH come in for the first ultrasound, nor did she show me or tell me anything. Left us hanging for 25 min, not knowing if we had a heartbeat or not. My favourite girl let DH come in, told us immediately things were fine, and showed us a view of baby after she'd done her measurements. Aww. I wasn't lucky enough to get her all the time, but was always happier when she'd call me in.
Hope to hear all's well on day6. If you're like me, you'll be back daily after that to be sure to start the orgalutran on time. Good luck! I'm so excited for you.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to wish you tons of luck!!!! Lisa B (Miracletobe)

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