Monday, August 31, 2009

Running out of room

My ovaries are starting to take up too much space in my body. And I have a lot of space.

Again, I forgot what this phase of stims feels like. How much pressure and pain you feel. The bloating. The gas! Oh the gas. Really? Did they have to throw that in the mix?

I now have 15 follicles between 1.0 and 1.8. My E2 was 2600 today - so it went up a bit, but I was prepared. I started the orgalutran yesterday and had it again this morning, and the E2 crashes the day after you add the org into the mix. So again, I'm crossing everything crossable (including my ovaries, at least that's how it feels) that tomorrow is the day my E2 finally decides to take a spike.

I asked today if we were in any danger of cancellation and was told that as long as it keeps going up and doesn't decrease or plateau tomorrow, we should be okay. So again, I'm running with that.

More stims tonight and tomorrow night, and if all goes according to this plan, retrieval would be Friday.

I really really really want to finish stimming tomorrow because otherwise, we have to buy more Gonal F, and that'll be killer. We can swing the org and the menopur etc, but more Gonal F would be a pain because of the way it's sold. Will I stim for an extra day, or two? Should I buy the 300 pen or the 450 (I'm on 225 a day)? I hate this part.

I'll be at the clinic every day this week, so am moving to shorter work days. I just am too uncomfortable to be there all day. And the fatigue! So this is a happy medium - finishing each day at 1:45pm so I can catch the 2:13 train to be home for just after 3. Then straight to the couch.

I feel like I'm being uber whiney and janey complainy lately, but ugh. It's just not a nice overall feeling knowing exactly where in my body my ovaries are.

Of course I'm delighted to even have this chance again, so no more complaining. For today. It's almost time to take my shots and go to bed anyway. :)


Nathalie A. said...

Shannon, I just want to let you know that I have been reading this every chance I get! Good luck with everything!!! I have all my fingers and toes crossed for you guys!! xo

Jaymi F said...

Ive been following your story for a while and i want you to know that i have everything crossed for things to work out for you on Friday..

CHAR on September 1, 2009 at 9:53 AM said...

Thinking of you & so hoping for a sucessful cycle . It still irks me we have to go through so much to try for a child (mental,pysical,financial....) Ugh!! Be strong sweets..I will be thinking of you & sending my best. xo

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping for the best for you this cycle....i just read your update on WB....i'll be thinking good thoughts and say a prayer for you tonight...

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